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How To Get Seamless Fireplace.

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How to get a seamless fireplace before it gets cold

How To Get Seamless Fireplace.

Happy Fall!

Soon we’ll have the perfect weather to curl up with your loved ones around your home’s fireplace.

Whether you want to think about it or not, winter nights are just around the corner. Whether you dream of that traditional wood-fired heat on those long, cold nights, or just want to give your home some ambiance and warmth to brighten up the dark winter, the fireplace can light up your winter in more ways than one. Let JM Masonry help you get ready for the cold, so that when winter hits, you’re prepared. Here’s five things to consider when you call us to get started!

  • Safety

    Your fireplace is the hearth of your home. However, nothing ruins a warm and cozy mood like a house fire. Even smoke-filled rooms can kill the mood. Both when you’re gathering around your fireplace and long after you’ve gone to bed, you want the peace of mind that you’re completely safe.

    For this reason, we provide a 10-year workmanship guarantee that will bring comfort to both you and your loved ones.

  • Design

    As much of a priority as safety is in a fireplace, you still want it to have the look you envision. You may dream of an old-fashioned stone fireplace to gather around with loved ones. You may have more of that modern, glass fireplace with flames over stones in mind. You may even look at your home and not know what you envision.

    Never to fear. We have specialized design services, so our team can work with you and bring whichever dream you visualize to life in your home.

  • The Process

    As you can already tell, installing your new fireplace may not be as easy as picking one out, bringing it home and lighting it up.

    That’s what our team is here for. After we help you through the design, we’ll assist you through purchasing the fireplace of your choice. We’re a dealer of Napoleon fireplaces, an option we’ll discuss with you to see if this is what you’d like to purchase.

    From there, we’ll take care of the remodel: Framing an opening if it’s necessary, supplying electrical and gas to the new unit, providing ventilation, installing the stone/brick/stucco/wood veneers of your choice, purchasing and installing the mantel, purchasing and installing the hearth and then of course any media mounting that you require. Now you can watch TV or listen to your stereo in front of the fireplace!

    If it sounds like quite the process, that’s because it is — but our team is here to take care of each step for you, so you can enjoy the end product without worrying about the mess.

  • Considering the surrounding features
    If we’re cutting a frame in your home, a mess might ensue. Fortunately, we’ve already considered that. In fact, we’ll cover and protect all the finished and surrounding surfaces with zip-up shelters. These will prevent the surrounding area from dust. We’ll also cover your floor and furniture so it will be protected from any dust or materials during the process. We’ll treat your home just like our own!

You may not be ready to think about winter, but to make sure you have a happy fireplace to gather around when the cold returns — without the hassle that comes with the process — contact us today!