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5 Reasons To Remodel Your Kitchen This Year.

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5 reasons to remodel your kitchen this year

5 Reasons To Remodel Your Kitchen This Year.

You’ve seen your friends’ photos on social media. You watch the “Before and Afters” on the home television shows. You look at your own kitchen and dream of fresh cabinets, fresh paint — a fresh remodel. But is it worth it? Do you really want to spend all your time not only in the kitchen, but remodeling it?

The answers are both yes and no. No, you shouldn’t spend all your time in the kitchen. Trust us to do the work. Yes, a fresh kitchen remodel is so worth it. Here’s why:

  1. It’s where you spend a good amount of time at home

    Chances are, the kitchen is your home’s centerpiece. Whether you’re still working at home or back in your office, the time you do spend at home likely finds you in the kitchen often.

    This is where you get your food, whether that’s by cooking up a storm, baking a frozen pizza or just grabbing a snack out of the fridge. It’s also likely where you eat, and even if you have a dining room, it’s located nearby.

    Besides, your kitchen is an enjoyable place to be! It’s where the food is located, after all. Invest in your kitchen to make sure that your kitchen fits your needs. Don’t settle for a kitchen that’s mediocre.

  2. It will help improve your lifestyleIn a survey of people who have undergone a kitchen renovation, 33 percent of them said that a kitchen renovation helped give them a healthier lifestyle. Seeing a kitchen that not only fits your needs but looks fresh and just the way you want it will give you more motivation than you realize. Stocking up on more fruits and vegetables, and grabbing water will just feel more natural after updating your kitchen.
  3. It will help improve family timeIn the same survey, 50 percent of people who underwent a kitchen renovation said they had more family time after the renovation was complete. This makes sense! Whether it’s more game nights around the kitchen island, more family dinners together with a new place to eat or gather, or just more desire to gather in this fresh space, your family will naturally come around more, and you’ll have a space you enjoy being with them.
  4. You’ll dine out lessThere is nothing like a fresh kitchen to motivate you to cook more at home. That’s exactly what 40% of survey respondents said they did after their kitchen renovation. New appliances, new counter space and cabinets, fresh paint and different light fixtures are sure to make you not only want to spend more time here, but prepare more food here as well. We may be knocking down walls to make more space, or giving you an open-concept look, or doing our full work inside the kitchen itself. Regardless, who needs to dine out when your kitchen is already your dream?

Ready to begin your kitchen remodel project? Don’t try to DIY it and end up exhausted and disappointed. Give us a call today and let us bring you success!