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Your guide to residential sea walls

Sea walls, whether they’re natural or manmade, have been used for centuries where the water’s edge is constantly threatened by erosion from water and harsh weather. They are an excellent way to keep the land safe from the same type of damage that severe weather can cause along the shore. Sea walls can be constructed […]

How to complete your home masonry project this winter

Contact Us Today! With temperatures plummeting below 30 degrees and snow in the future, we understand the need to pack in your project for spring. You even see other construction sites working round the clock to get as much work done as they can before winter. However, there are numerous ways to work around the […]

What to expect in your next home addition

Contact Us  Home Additions As a homeowner, you may be dreaming up a home addition to create more room on the inside — or outside — of your house. A home addition is a worthy investment for your family’s comfort, lifestyle, and also for the value of your house. However, before you begin the process, […]

rebuild or repair your chimney?

When was the last time you thought about your chimney? Not your fireplace, but your chimney. We often don’t consider our chimneys, except when thinking about whimsical children’s characters who sweep them or use them to access our homes on Christmas Eve. But ask yourself this: Is your chimney safe to operate right now? Is […]

top kitchen trends for 2022

Know a great way to bring in a new year? With a kitchen remodel. Why not spend your 2022 entertaining family and friends in what feels like a brand new space, or even just making your next meal in the kitchen of your dreams? Before you call us for your next kitchen renovation, check out […]

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