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Home Additions: 3 Reasons Why You Should Let The Experts Help You.

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Home Additions: 3 reasons you should let the experts help you

Home Additions: 3 Reasons Why You Should Let The Experts Help You.

Home Additions: 3 Reasons Why You Should Let The Experts Help You

Home additions do more than bring comfort to your home. It improves your home’s curb appeal and increases its market value. However, the rise in YouTube tutorials and home renovation TV shows has seen many homeowners take the initiative to handle home addition projects on their own in a bid to save money.

Sometimes these initiatives end up disastrous, and instead of saving money, you can pay heavily for a simple project. As a homeowner looking to improve your home’s value, aesthetics, functionality, and comfort, you must tread carefully before investing in a DIY home additions project. No matter the level of your confidence, here are three reasons why you should leave it to the professionals.

Value For Time and Money

Every home additions project costs time and money. Just because you will be doing it yourself doesn’t mean you won’t invest time and money in it. And even with careful instructions from YouTube tutorials, if you are not a pro, mistakes are inevitable.  Botched home addition DIY projects can significantly decrease your home’s value and discourage potential buyers.

Furthermore, nearly all home additions projects require construction permits and licenses, and the process of acquiring them can be time-consuming, frustrating, and daunting to the inexperienced. There’s also a high chance that a home renovation DIY project may invalidate your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Of course, you can do some basic home repairs and paint on your own. However, certain home additions may require legal processes and professional input.

You’ll Get the Job Done to Your Specifications

Any home additions involving structural changes should never be made without the input of a qualified building expert. Before knocking out your walls, you’ll need to add the necessary support to avoid weakening your home and causing further serious damages. A building professional is better placed to ensure the walls are firmly supported before any changes can be made. This also means that you’ll get the job done to your specifications.

Furthermore, if you decide to handle specific smaller building projects like gazebos and decks without the required permits, you could end up paying hefty fines. A licensed professional can quickly obtain the necessary permits and ensure everything is acceptable by the building regulations.

Limited Room for Mistakes or Errors

Another advantage of enlisting the services of a licensed and qualified building professional is there’s little to no room for mistakes and errors. And in case of any errors (which are rare if you work with a genuine expert), a reputable home additions company will ensure the mistake is rectified without any further costs incurred by you. This also means you’ll get value for your investment without compromising your budget.

One example of home additions projects that must be done professionally is roofing. Repairing or replacing roofing materials needs a delicate balancing act to get the layout and designs right. It’s also a risky job that only requires one wrong move or slip to send you over the edge.

Roof falls are hazardous and account for a large number of construction-related fatalities. This can make you pause and weigh out the risks of doing the project on your own and if a personal injury is worth the amount of money you could save on a DIY project.

Besides the health risks of carrying out DIY jobs on certain home additions, your lack of experience will be visible to everyone. A shoddy roofing or tiling job will be easily noticeable, and this can hurt your confidence. It will also reduce your home’s curb appeal and affect its market value by several thousand dollars.

Bottom Line

Before you decide to tackle a home additions job on your own,  always consider whether you have what it takes to execute the job safely and effectively. Ask yourself if you have the required expertise and tools to complete the project and get a return on your investment. Also, consider if the money you will save on the DIY project is worth the time and effort you’ll have to invest in it.

Finally, ask yourself if you have the time and patience to go through the legal procedures of obtaining the necessary permits for your home additions project. Once you have considered the above factors, you can make informed decisions on whether to tackle your home additions on your own or leave them to the professionals. If you have some home additions projects coming up, please contact us for professional consultation and a quote.