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To Rebuild or Repair Your Chimney.

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rebuild or repair your chimney?

To Rebuild or Repair Your Chimney.

When was the last time you thought about your chimney? Not your fireplace, but your chimney.

We often don’t consider our chimneys, except when thinking about whimsical children’s characters who sweep them or use them to access our homes on Christmas Eve. But ask yourself this: Is your chimney safe to operate right now? Is it leaking? Is that leakage damaging your home?

These subjects are not to be taken lightly. A chimney fire can be detrimental to your home or even risk your family’s lives. This risk should be taken seriously. The good news is that we’re here to help. Use this guide to decide whether your chimney just needs some repairs or a full rebuild, then give us a call with any questions. We can use cutting-edge technology and high-definition cameras to find the exact problem and give you an honest quote. This matter of safety for your home and family should be left to the experts.

What causes a chimney to leak?

Chimney leakages can be caused by a variety of factors. You could have a damaged or missing rain cap or masonry cap. Or, your chimney’s mortar and/or brick could be deteriorating. Flashing failures can also be a cause for concern.

What causes a chimney fire?

When Creosote combines with other residues and this build-up, you have fire danger and a potentially dangerous situation.

When does my chimney need general repair?

If you can see cracks in your mortar joints — or even your chimney’s brick and stone — you should give us a call.

From there, no matter the situation, we’ll first give your chimney a professional inspection. This way we can ensure that there is no extensive damage making your chimney inoperable, beyond the repairs that you can see.

If the issues aren’t too severe, we’ll give your chimney a good tuckpointing. Tuckpointing means we’ll grind the cracks out and fill in the cracks with new mortar. We can also replace any damaged bricks in the surrounding area of your chimney, and we’ll almost always need to replace the concrete chimney cap with an overhang. This helps keep water away from the chimney.

When does my chimney need to be rebuilt?

When you can see large cracks and gaps in your chimney, you know you should be concerned. If chunks of your chimney have fallen off or are falling off, you need to call us immediately. It is more likely than not that your chimney needs to be rebuilt.

What does rebuilding my chimney mean?

When we rebuild your chimney, we’ll tear down the existing chimney to the roofline. Then we’ll use new materials, like brick, stone, and stucco to rebuild it up to the original size. We’ll also replace the flashing and caps in this process.

I’m having some issues with my chimney, but even tuckpointing seems like too much.

Are you getting a draft from your chimney? Maybe condensation? This is likely an issue with the flue or liner. Your chimney releases warm air up and out into the winter, which meets that cold air right inside of it. The result, unfortunately, can be that cold draft and even condensation.

Not only is a draft uncomfortable. Condensation can seep into cracks, freeze and damage the chimney’s interior.

Fortunately, this has an easy fix: Run a stainless insulated liner down the chimney. This keeps the heat warm until it exits the chimney.

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