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Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2022.

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top kitchen trends for 2022

Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2022.

Know a great way to bring in a new year? With a kitchen remodel. Why not spend your 2022 entertaining family and friends in what feels like a brand new space, or even just making your next meal in the kitchen of your dreams?

Before you call us for your next kitchen renovation, check out some of our favorite kitchen trends for this upcoming year. Thanks to Homes & Gardens for some of our inspiration. Which trend is your favorite?

Glossy backsplash

Backsplash has been a buzzword in kitchen remodeling for quite some time. But in 2022, expect to see the trends shift from that matte look you’ve grown accustomed to seeing, and towards a more of a glossy look.

Good news for you: Glossy tiles are easier to clean and great at reflecting all that natural light from the kitchen.

Glass separator walls

No more open concept?

After the hot commodity of an open concept kitchen and living room space became all the rage, people started to realize there are some downsides to breaking down the wall that separates their living space from their kitchen — mostly that it defeats the purpose of escaping to the kitchen altogether.

Enter glass partitions, which separate your kitchen from your living room while keeping the lighting and that feeling that you’re still not too far from your family or guests.

Make your metal hood a statement piece

Your oven’s hood is no longer the unsightly or even boring piece amid the rest of your kitchen.

Custom or unique designs with a dramatic finish doesn’t just make your hood stand out. It makes it one of your kitchen’s premier statement pieces.

Open shelving

If cabinets seem too busy to you or it’s hard to pick their color with everything else going on in your kitchen, you’re not alone. Open shelves — often just one or two apiece around the room — provides a minimalistic look keeping your kitchen relaxed.

Marble finishes

On the one hand, marble is making its return in a big way. Its elegance can’t be denied and you can’t deny the statement a marble island or cabinet makes. This kitchen shouts elegance. It will be evident to your guests, to your family and even to you as you make your coffee each morning.

Wood finishes

On the other hand, wood is also enjoying its own revival. From minimalist cabinets to rich colors, or the other pieces in your kitchen like statement vintage furniture.

A bit of drama

If neither the warmth of wood or marble’s elegance excites you, some bright cabinet colors may be just the thing for you. Or maybe you’re going for a neutral kitchen but want a fun, bright island. Or, maybe you want a dark java kitchen with dark accents all around.

Brighter colors are having their own moment in kitchen remodeling right now, and so is the color black.

The question is simply which trend is right for you! From there, we can handle the rest, giving you a seamless remodel to the kitchen of your dreams.

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