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What to Know for Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen.

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What to know for your dream outdoor kitchen

What to Know for Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen.

With Minnesota’s summer weather lasting an average of 10 minutes, you want to soak up as much of it outside as possible.

For this reason — and many others — we suggest taking your landscape project to the next level and creating an outdoor kitchen! Outdoor kitchens let you go beyond grilling and cook a full meal for your loved ones in the comfort of your own backyard. You can grill the meat, boil the corn on the cob, chill your drink of choice and sit down to eat at a full dining table — all under the summer sun or on a cool, northern evening.

If you’re ready to build your outdoor kitchen, JM Masonry is ready to help bring your outdoor dining dreams to life. Contact us today to get started, and in the meantime, read our tips here:

  1. Start with the fundamentalsAfter poring over designs and deciding whether it’s worth it to splurge on that wood-fire pizza oven, you have some ideas swimming in your head. But don’t forget that every dream outdoor kitchen needs a good foundation — literally. Your dream of cooking in your outdoor kitchen probably doesn’t consist of walking through the mud to get there.

    The right outdoor kitchen or even patio surface can both add beauty to the whole setup and last forever if you do it right. We can implement this with concrete, the most popular choice for these kinds of surfaces. When you invest in a good concrete surface, this will give you the longest-lasting surface for your outdoor kitchen.

    If you’re weary about investing in concrete for your outdoor kitchen, consider pavers. Pavers give you as much versatility as concrete, and at the end of the day, their performance is comparable. It once again comes down to what you’re willing to invest. Invest in good paver work, and you’ll be enjoying your outdoor kitchen for decades to come.

  2. Remember safetyOk so you’ve decided the foundation in which to build your outdoor kitchen mecca. So now it’s time to decide on all the accessories?

    Maybe not so fast. There are a few other factors that you want to consider while landscaping your space. For example, it may not be a great idea to grill on an open flame surrounded by enclosed walls and under a low ceiling. Just a thought.

    You also need to keep proper ventilation in mind, not just to keep you and your guests away from excessive smoke, but to prevent long-term damage to those accessories you just placed so much money in. You did not invest in a brand-new cooking mecca in your backyard for discoloration, grease or fumes that leave streaks on those appliances! Ventilation will also decrease the fire hazard when you’re giving heat to your outdoor kitchen. Check local codes and ordinances where you live, and feel free to ask us any questions as well, as we’ve been around long enough to help our clients navigate these questions.

  3. Choose your dream accessoriesOk, now it’s time to dream up your dream outdoor kitchen! However, don’t let this part of the process overwhelm you, as it should be the most fun!

    Think about the foods you want to enjoy the most, and then consider which ones you may not make as often while spending time outdoors. Some people are proud of their slow-smoked meats out on the grill. Others want to combine their love grilling and pizza for an outdoor pizza oven. It’s great to be able to boil your corn on the cob — or even some fresh pasta — while simultaneously grilling the meat!

    And everyone loves a good barbecue, which means shopping for the best combination of griddles, burners and a connected ice tray.

    Don’t feel like you have to include everything in your outdoor kitchen, and don’t be afraid to exclude the accessories you won’t use after once or twice using it. At the same time, include a healthy variety of the accessories you’ll enjoy, so your loved ones can come over for pizza and barbecue, or a good burger with corn on the cob all the same.

  4. Don’t forget the wind-downDoes your dream outdoor kitchen include a fire pit? Because it should.

    After the grill is turned off and dinner is served, the crowd will likely gather around with some drinks from your wine chiller, ice bucket or built-in refrigerator. That evening Minnesota chill should be no reason to head inside. Instead, gather around the firepit complete with expert masonry work and open another cold one.

    After a day in the kitchen, you’ve earned it.