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Why You Need a Bathroom Remodel This Winter.

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Why you need a bathroom remodel this winter

Why You Need a Bathroom Remodel This Winter.

The outdoor projects may be winding down as the weather changes, but there’s still plenty you can do to improve your home. In fact, the incoming cold weather and darker days may be just the reason to give your home a refresh it deserves. Since the days of outdoor home improvements are dwindling, why not take your improvements indoors? One of our top recommendations to make your home your haven is a bathroom remodel.

The bathroom is one of your home’s most important rooms. But the bathroom isn’t just about good plumbing. When it comes to your bathroom, comfort is king. Imagine waking up to hit the shower on a January morning, only to step onto a warm, heated floor. Instead of climbing into a tub, you walk right into your shower. Maybe instead you want to get off work to relax in a luxurious claw tub. The possibilities are endless.

Better yet, why not upgrade your bathroom comfort to a full sauna/steam room? This is the north after all, and the benefits of a sauna date back to many of our ancestors who settled here.

If you’re crammed for sink space, you may envision a double vanity to share with your significant other.

Just as important as comfort will be the look and style of your bathroom. Everything down to your shower tile should be made to fit your style and character, so that each minute you spend in your bathroom is its own kind of getaway.

Bathroom remodel trends are leaning simplistic in every style: Whether you take a zen approach with greys and white, minimalist elegance with subtle grays, large tiles to accent your floors or brass faucets on pearl-white walls.

That having been said, trends this year are also leaning toward larger wall tiles as the once-popular smaller tiles phase out. So there’s plenty of room to pop your favorite colors in your own bathroom backsplash. And of course, northland residents love a good rustic, woodsy approach to their bathroom design. We can work with you on the perfect materials to bring your bathroom a bit of extra character without making “woodland” look “outdated.”

The minimalistic approach to your design doesn’t have to spill into your features. The heated floors, spacious tubs, large walk-in showers and full-on saunas mentioned above are all within our expertise. We’ll make sure the process of your bathroom remodel is seamless, so you don’t have to stress any more before the finished product than after.

Ready to hunker down this winter with a bathroom remodel of your dreams? Contact us today and we’ll get started making your dreams a reality.